CNC Tube Bender

Being involved in tube forming technologies for decades, Alpine Bender has been dedicated to various developments in the world of tube forming to meet global demands across industries. Alpine offers full line of premium mandrel tube/pipe benders at its highest values and with competitive pricing. Whether for low volume use or mass production runs, Alpine CNC benders can fulfill your manufacturing needs and meet your application solutions. The “Environmental Friendly” All electric servo driven benders produce superior quality and excellent precision of the most demanding tubular part shape. It is by far the most efficient machine in its class to minimize energy consumption. In comparison, our popular Electric hybrid model maintains the same high levels of accuracy and repeat ability while keeping your capital investment within your budget. Furthermore the Alpine conventional CNC or NC Hydraulic benders provide optimum robustness in strength and torque for rigid tube and pipe bending challenges.

Alpine CNC and NC operated machine aim to provide uncompromised consistency and accuracy from complex bending configurations to end forming.

Our complete line of equipment consists of the following models:

  • AE -Series (All electronic),

  • E -Series (Electric Hybrid),

  • H -Series (Hydraulic),

  • NC -Series (Two and single axis hydraulic),

  • T -Series (Twin head bender)

  • CT -Series (Circular Saw machine) and

  • EF/ER -Series (Multi hit end form machine).


U-Bend, J-Bend, Elbow-Bend, plus function of Push Rolling Bender, Roll Bender. Industry we serve: Shipyard Pipe Bender, Aerospace Aircraft Tube Bender, Play Ground Pipe Bender, Furniture Tube Bender, Automotive Exhaust, Header, Chassis, Bush Guard, Sway Bar and Roll Cage Bending Machine, Motorcycle Exhaust, Header, Chassis, Handle Bar, Sissy bar, ATB Nerve Bar…etc 

New Tube Fabrication Related Equipment-Tube Measuring Machines, Plasma Tube Cutting Machine, NC Circular Saw for Ferrous & Non-Ferrous, Robotic Tube and Pipe Loader

New Bend Tool- Tool for compression bending & rotary draw bending Tooling Supply - Alpine Tooling, COOP Engineering, EL Tooling, Omni-X, TFB

Used and Rebuilt Tube Benders USA made: Pines, Eaton - Leonard, Addison or Addison McKee, UTE, Wallace, Coast, Eagle, Techno, Adaptive Motion, HMT or Horn, Clark Lewis, Di-Acro, PHI, Conrac European made: BLM, Pedrazolli, 3RC, Pedrick, Bema, Smith, IBP, Unison, Schwarze or Schwarze-Wirtz, Trans Fluid, Ineco, CML Asia made: MiiC, Chiyoda, Keins, Hines, YLM, SOCO


Quality · Service · Innovation

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Alpine Bender continually strives to excel in offering the latest innovations in tube bending machines with excellent quality, while fulfilling the service, parts, and technical needs of our customers throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.


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Service/Training /Rebuild

  • Well trained service locations around North America and steadily look for high skill personnel to join our service team.

  • We provide Startup In-house as well as On-site machine training. Advance programming to improve machine productivity consulting is available upon request.

  • Rebuild & Trade-In
         Entire machine Rebuild
         Electric Component replacement ONLY
         Convert NC machine into CNC

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Feel free to contact us for questions, inquires, or quotations. We are open Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm PST. For company visitations or meetings, please schedule at least one day in advance with us.

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