Company History

Established in 1981, our design and engineering team serves a broad industrial spectrum, including: automotive, motorcycle, marine, heating and air conditioning, medical, furniture, and bicycle markets.

  • 1999 Introduction of CNC tube bending machinery to USA market

  • 2000 First electric hybrid tube bender introduced

  • 2003 First double stack electric hybrid tube bender introduced, equipped with planetary bend head with bending & rolling capability

  • 2004 First electric-driven high torque booster (RBE) introduced

  • 2005 All electric CNC Bender (12 axis) introduced

  • 2007 All electric model capable to bend from Left and Right (14 axis) introduced

  • 2009 Alpine Bender establishes its service centers and dealers across the USA

  • 2011 Alpine Bender increases global distribution in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia

  • 2012 Alpine Bender offers complete automation bending cell and bender software intergrades with uncoil system, straightening device, auto loader, robot, and portable CMM

  • 2013 Alpine introduces dynamic Master 4 Control featuring Real-time PLC program modification


Alpine Featuring

  • OEM by world class manufacturing facility with annual production of over 500 CNC units per year. By far the highest volume manufacturer of related CNC tube bending equipment in the world.

  • Manufactured more than 10,000 units since 1985 for worldwide consumption.

  • All electrical components meet CE standard and easily sourced in USA.

  • pneumatic and hydraulic components with NFPA fittings for easy cross referencing with major brands.

  • Wide range of Model selections and machine capacity (up to 10” OD)

  • Worldwide patented advance bender technology

  • Newly develop user friendly multi-purpose Master IV Controller

  • Fully supported by Alpine Authorized distributors for installation, training, and service

  • Thorough machine evaluation and consulting available per customer application