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All Electric Bender

AEMB-LR/AEMR/AEMR-LR series are fully electric CNC mandrel benders with 3-D graphics programming.

Special features:

  1. Single rotary bend head for left and right hand bending in one machine

  2. Up to 14 axis servo driven controls

  3. RBE - Electric carriage booster for difficult or tight radius bending

  4. Push bend rolling (calendaring)

  5. Patented planetary gear drive achieve 95% energy efficiency

  6. Advanced user friendly touch screen IPC with WIN 7 operating system and dynamic machine visual simulation



  • Reduced electricity consumption

  • Superior controllability and repeatability

  • Minimize Interference

  • Less tooling set up time Fewer mechanical adjustment

  • Clean working environment

  • Lowest emission of airborne noise (dBA)